What chakra is Amber associated with?


Amber is an organic matter that’s made up mainly of botanic resins. Within these resins, you will find bodies of insects that were believed to be alive. Some people also believe that these insects helped amplify the solar energy of amber. Amber is 1 of the most coveted and oldest treasures in the world. It’s said to be formed by life and light. Furthermore, it acts as a talisman of renewal, protection and beauty.

What is a chakra?

Anyone that has been to a meditation or yoga class or had an energy healing session might have heard about chakra. Chakra plays a large role in the flow of energy within your body. Furthermore, you might have heard that it's crucial to keep your chakra unblocked or open. However, what does all this mean? What are chakras and how can they affect your emotional and physical wellbeing? Chakra refers to all the different energy centres within your body. These chakras/disks/wheels spin energy within your body to correspond with major organs. For your chakra to function at its best, it ought to be balanced or open. If you have a blocked chakra, you might experience emotional and physical effects related to a specific chakra. There are seven main chakras, also known as energy centres within your body. They include:

• Crown chakra – Crown chakra is also known as Sahasrara and it’s found at the top of your head. It offers you access to higher states of consciousness thus being able to open everything that’s beyond your visions and preoccupations. This chakra helps you get in touch with the universe and it’s driven by consciousness. It provides you with your life’s purpose and the gems associated with the chakra include diamond, amethyst, quartz and selenite.
• Third eye chakra – This chakra is found between your eyebrows, on the forehead and it acts as the centre of foresight and intuition. It's also known as Ajna and it’s driven by the principle of imagination and openness. The gems associated with this chakra include black obsidian, purple fluorite and amethyst.
• Throat chakra – This chakra helps you communicate verbally. It's also known as Vishuddha and it’s found in your throat. That’s at the centre of your neck thus being the passage of any energy to the head and lower bits of your body. The gems associated with this chakra include aquamarine, turquoise and lapis lazuli.
• Heart chakra – Heart chakra is also known as Anahata and as the name suggests, it's located near your heart. It’s the chakra that’s in the centre of your chest and it helps with your ability to show compassion and love. The gems associated with the heart chakra include green tourmaline, green amber, green calcite, jade and rose quartz.
• Solar plexus chakra – The solar plexus chakra is also known as Manipura. It’s located within your stomach area and it's responsible for self-esteem and confidence. Furthermore, this chakra can help you have more control of your life. The gems associated with this chakra include yellow amber, topaz, citrine, calcite and malachite.
• Sacral chakra – Also known as Svadhisthana, this chakra is located below your belly button. It's responsible for your creative and sexual energy. Furthermore, it is linked to how to associate with your emotions and those of others. The gemstones associated with sacral chakra include coral, moonstone, carnelian and citrine.
• Root chakra – It's also known as Muladhara and it’s located in your spine. By being at the base of the spine, this chakra offers the foundation or base of life. Therefore, it ensures that you feel able to withstand challenges and be more grounded. The gems associated with this chakra include black tourmaline, fire agate, hematite, tiger’s eye and bloodstone.

Additional Uses of Amber

Besides being part of your heart and solar plexus chakra, amber has more purposes and uses. To begin with, the amber stone is a protective charm for kids and it can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, placed in the environment or sewn into infants’ garments. Doing this can help you shield your kids from harm and ward off all negative energies. It protects your child as it is a very delicate being thus you have to be cautious with it. The stone is not expensive compared to a bad omen that can attack your child go for it. It is essential to kids because you will not be with them eveytime as sometime you leave them to run errands .It's also a great solution for helping reduce teething pain but you should never place it in your child’s mouth. Carrying or wearing amber can also be beneficial when recovering from an injury or illness. It can help draw on your essential strength thus increasing your vitality. Besides, the stone can be beneficial for your desire for wellness. Amber is one of the natural stones whose vibration of life force imparts you with more energy into your system. Besides, you can use this stone to achieve longevity, thus being a great stone for the elderly. Furthermore, if you are looking for stones and crystals that can help electrify desire, look no more because amber is your solution. It’s known to cure frigidity as well as impotence. Furthermore, the stone is exceptional since it can help deflect energy from others, relieve anxiety and discharge negative moods.

Composition of Amber

The chemical composition of amber is aluminium and lithium fluoridated phosphate. However, amber comes from a fossilized tree resin that’s a result of the impact of climate change. Nowadays, amber is a precious stone and also very rare. It's amongst three gemstones that have a plant origin. The other two include jets and diamonds. Like diamonds, amber also occurs from thousands of years of existence. That’s why it's valued by many jewellers around the world. Because amber resin has a molecule of five carbon atoms, isoprene, it necessitates lots of heat and pressure to form. Furthermore, this can take lots of years. As isoprene polymerizes, it enables ambler to solidify and become a unique and powerful gem.

Balancing Your Chakra

Your chakra can either be balanced or out of balance. Some people can refer to an out of balance chakra as blocked. You can have blocked chakra due to depletion or energy flow or having lots of energetic activity. If you have low chakra, you might have issues or difficulties expressing the different qualities associated with a specific chakra. On the other hand, if your chakra is overactive, the different qualities will be more dominant in your life. In return, this can lead to emotional and physical effects. Therefore, you need to balance your chakra to ensure that you don’t end up affecting the body parts that are close to the chakra. These effects can be on your tissues, joints, bones or organs. Having an out of balance chakra can lead to an emotional imbalance that can result in increased indecisiveness, fear, sadness or anger. Therefore, you ought to pay attention to your physiological and psychological sensations because they can uncover the reasons for an experience. nonetheless, having too much stress, mentally or physically, can lead to the imbalance of another chakra. Some of the personal habits that can lead to an out of balance chakra include self-destructive behaviour, eating unhealthy food or poor physical posture. If you want to balance your chakra, you should consider a few things like meditation, yoga or even breathing practices. More ways of balancing your chakra include:

• Crown – The corpse pose helps connect you with your soul thus reminding you of your past and where you are headed.
• Third eye – Folded eagle and forward fold are ideal for establishing a connection with the other parts of your body.
• Throat – Fish and plow poses can help open the front and back sides of your neck.
• Heart – Heart openers like the wheel, humble warrior, cow face pose or camel pose can help open up your arms, shoulders and chest.
• Solar plexus – Strengthening poses like triangle and boat pose can help fire your abs thus creating balance.
• Sacral – Strengthening your pelvic floor with poses like lizard, pigeon or bridge pose.
• Root – Balancing poses like warrior or mountain can help build a stronger relationship with the foundation of your body.

Amber Chakra for Balancing and Healing

Understanding the different stones virtues can ensure that you will enjoy each chakra. With amber, you get to stimulate the sacral and solar plexus chakra. That’s due to the orange and gold shades of amber. Therefore, amber can help control the flow of energy thus helping you centre the gravity of your body. Furthermore, amber chakra gets to act as the centre of your body’s life force. It can therefore control the flow of information from the mind to the body and vice versa.

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