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Amethyst is certainly the most famous stone in lithotherapy and for good reason: its beauty & properties make it the ideal friend to start in this field. Visit for further more information about lithotherapy.

How do I recognize her?

Amethyst is part of the quartz family and whether it is in the form of a crystalline cluster, a rolled stone, a pebble, a tip or a geode, you will be able to identify it by its purple colour, which ranges from the deepest purple to a delicate lavender. Be careful however with the sun, amethyst is a photosensitive stone which means that the sun fades its colour when it is exposed for a long time.

What are its benefits?

The properties of the amethyst are above all focused on soothing the soul and its ability to develop our imagination. It can help us to relieve our stress by calming our fears and relieving our minds and hearts of their anguish. It is also very beneficial for the intellect because it increases concentration while stimulating inspiration. Indeed, the purple colour is that of imagination, onirism, the spiritual. So it is a stone to recommend when deciding to work with the 7th chakra, the crown chakra, to connect us with the invisible, the divine. The amethyst is a stone that acts on the psyche during sleep. Don't be surprised if you remember your dreams better or if they become very alive.

How do I use it?

You can have it at home as a crystalline cluster to place it on your desk, or in rolled stone in your pocket or pebble to meditate. I find it particularly beautiful in jewellery whether in its raw or rolled form. It can be used in meditation to develop inspiration or work on stress. Placed in a room, it immediately creates a soothing but intellectually stimulating atmosphere. It is not the stone that I would recommend most for sleep because it tends to really stimulate the imagination which is not necessarily the most relaxing! It can be used in gem water or mineral elixir to directly enjoy its benefits. You can also find it in the shop in the form of the crystalline candle entitled "D├ętente" coupled with the gentle energies of lavender.

How do I purify and recharge it?

To take care of your amethyst you can purify it using the smoke of a sage stick or purify it in salt water or not. Concerning its recharging the sun is to be avoided but the lunar energy suits it perfectly.
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