Ideas to make lithotherapy part of your daily life

As you probably already know, lithotherapy is a method of treatment using the benefits of semi-precious stones. In a few words, crystals act on our energy through vibrations but also through their geometry, colour and chemical composition. I invite you to visit if you want to learn more information about stone properties and if you want to get back in mind the basics of this alternative and alternative medicine. Now that you understand how crystals affect us, you may wonder how you can enjoy their benefits in your daily life. Is it complicated? Does it take time? Everything depends on you and the desire you have to practice lithotherapy! There are ways to benefit from the properties of stones without spending hours there, but there is also the possibility of really working with stones and creating a relationship with them, a synergy. To help you know what can do you good, I share 9 ideas to bring lithotherapy into your daily life:

Carrying a stone with you

To start with, I would advise you to carry a stone on you in the form of a jewel, but it can also be directly in your pocket or even in your handbag. Nevertheless, the risk is to lose it because you easily lose the little things you leave in your pockets or in your bag (I'm the first one) so I think the best method is to wear them as jewellery. This allows the stone to be in direct contact with our skin (and not just when we rummage to find our keys) and hung around our neck, ears, wrist or finger the risk of misplacing them is lower. There are a large number of possibilities to find the jewel that pleases us aesthetically but also meets a need on which lithotherapy can help us. I would advise first of all to start with a piece of jewellery made up of one or maximum two different stones in order to be able to feel its full effects and to identify more easily which one is doing us good. You can choose to wear a jewellery stone to enjoy its effects over a long period of time. For example if I am a person who needs to soothe an anxious and stressed temperament I can regularly wear an amethyst pendant. But if I also need extra concentration and intellectual stimulation at times during a rush at work I can also take in my hand a raw or rolled citrine stone in order to be in contact with it and keep it close to me the time when I need to feel its influence. Then I can store it in a bag and keep only the soothing effects of the amethyst. It is a good way to alternate and discover the properties of different stones according to our desires and tastes.

Install stones in your environment

The stones placed in our living space influence it as much as those we carry close to us, even if for them to radiate noticeably they must be of a larger size than those intended to be carried directly on us. So I advise you to choose stones of at least 5-6 cm at least because the larger it will be, the greater its influence will also be. The stone can be placed either in the centre of its radius of action or 4 similar stones can be placed at the 4 corners of a room to create an area with a specific atmosphere. Why not start simply by placing a black tourmaline near the computer or television to protect yourself from the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves? It can have the shape of a rolled crystal, raw or a pyramid or a sphere placed on a support.  The effect is both decorative and positive in terms of energy.

Sleep with a stone under your pillow or on your bedside

In the same way as placing stones on your desk or in your living room, you can put one on the bedside table or slip it into the pillowcase to sleep with you under your pillow. For people who have trouble sleeping or who are insomniacs, placing an amethyst will soothe them but will also help them to remember their dreams. On the contrary, for those who need a deep and less agitated sleep, a black tourmaline can help them anchor their sleep.

Meditate with a stone

Meditation with stones, also called awareness; it is a way to discover the energy of a mineral and to fill up to fully enjoy its benefits. It is a matter of taking a moment for yourself as in a classical meditation, to sit comfortably while holding the stone in your hands. We can use our breath as an anchor to soothe ourselves and to be part of the moment in order to then concentrate on the stone we hold: on its contact, its softness or roughness, its warmth or freshness, its shape, its weight and to let the emotions, the feelings that present themselves to us emerge. The goal is to let these perceptions slide without trying to hold on to them and to use the breath to refocus if you feel lost in the flow of thoughts. It is an exercise that requires a little time and practice but can be very positive to integrate into your daily life in order to benefit from all the benefits of meditation (and they many) by coupling them with those of the stones. The benefit is total!

Use a mineral elixir

Have you ever heard of gem waters and mineral elixirs? In the first case, it is a matter of placing a crystal previously cleaned of impurities and purified in a glass container filled with pure water and then allowing the water to be charged with the energies of the stone for several hours. We can enhance the effects by charging our gem water under sun or moonlight. Then all that remains is to remove the stone and drink this water within 3 days in order to harmonize our energies thanks to the chosen stone. This gem water can also be transformed into mineral elixir by adding alcohol, which allows it to be kept for weeks or even months. In this case, only a few drops should be consumed under the tongue three times a day.

Take a crystal bath

Taking a bath is a privileged moment that you can enjoy, a moment of relaxation that can be coupled with lithotherapy by sliding a medium sized stone (a pebble for example) into your bathtub before running the water. Heat has the property of reinforcing and diffusing the energies of the stones and will allow you to be surrounded by its vibrations. You can add herbs to reinforce the relaxing effect and also meditate in your bath with the stone you have chosen, all by candlelight to promote a serene atmosphere. Makes you want to, doesn't it?

Wash with soap containing a stone

To stay in the bathroom, why not make or buy a soap containing a crystal? It is an excellent way to purify yourself physically and energetically to start or end your day. If you like DIY you can buy a kit to make glycerin soaps that are very easy to make and include the stone of your choice. This is what I have been doing for the past few months; I have made several soaps with different effects where I combine essential oils with stones and colours to have the maximum effect desired. For example, to relax I like to wash in the evening with soap in pink colours perfumed with wood from hô and containing pink quartz or if I need energy to start my day I prefer yellow linked to citrus aromas and containing a citrine. The possibilities are numerous and it can also be a way to give small gifts to your loved ones to help them discover the benefits of lithotherapy.

Light a candle

As I told you about the bath, the heat diffuses the energy properties of the minerals. By burning a candle containing a crystal in your home, you transfer its properties to the room in which you are located. You can also add herbs, essential oils and colours to create a candle that will see the properties of the stone increased tenfold and strengthened. As for the know if you are a DIY enthusiast, it is possible to make it yourself while taking care of safety issues related to flame and heat.

Regularly purify & recharge stones

Quite simply when we decide to work almost daily with stones, to carry them on ourselves, to use them in elixir or in the bath, we must purify them and recharge them regularly so that they do not weaken and continue to give us the benefits. There are many methods to purify and recharge your stones but you will find in my article "How to take care of your crystal jewellery" explanations to do so effectively and without risking damaging our beautiful crystals. You now have some ways to bring lithotherapy into your daily life in many different ways! I hope this article has been useful, do me a favour and leave me a little comment or share it if you liked these ideas and tell me what works for you.
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