Body piercing' and tattooing are the style statements for modern women today. Tattooing and piercing expresses your unique personality and a modern expression of attitude. There are endless styles and an accessible design, which will go well with all accessories and clothing. Tattoos and piercings look attractive and macho, for a woman of impressive personality. Tattoos are done on a temporary or permanent basis. Personalized or classic maple leaf or owl tattoos are best for beginners. Tattoos, such as portrait tattoos, complex tattoos, and pawn tattoos are popular forms, but it will take longer than usual. A perfect tattoo is one that looks similar or is important in your life. Some tattoos have a lot of shading and details such as naturalist tattoo and portrait tattoo. An abstract tattoo can vary from Maori, Celtic to any type of tribal design. Special UV and henna tattoos made from black light tattoo ink, which are only visible under black light. Some women prefer simple piercing such as ear lobe or nose stud piercing, and some women are passionate about piercing heavily on their lower lip, tongue, eyebrows or other body parts. A skin punch piercing is a piercing that involves a special needle to remove the part of the flesh. Body piercing and tattooing, makes you stand out and look tall and macho - so go with fashion and offer yourself the latest trend.  
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