The sun is here, the holidays are approaching, and suddenly, the eternal question of how to dress on holiday complicates your shopping plans for the summer. Now that your flight ticket has been purchased, you must switch to the Cornelian choice of clothing during this holiday. We will focus on three scenarios: sun holidays, city trip and backpack travel to better meet summer requirements, starting with sun holidays. First, the essential swimsuit, adopt the two-piece coloured, plain or patterned (flowers or small weights), without forgetting that black and white always offers a very chic touch. For sunglasses, focus on the retro style (50s and 60s) rather than the butterflies that hide the face. Also bring a piece of fabric, with a well-chosen print, which you can divert sometimes in a scarf, sometimes in a pareo. For your shoes, put the flip-flops away permanently and turn to the classic or compensated running shoe that will bring a touch of colour to your outfit. Your bag, preferably made of fabric, should be large and wide to provide a counterweight to the lightness of the swimsuit. In the evenings, a small printed dress will consecrate your charm but the mini-short, decorated with a well-chosen blouse, can have the same effect. If you feel chills, prefer the small cotton vest to the large sweatshirt. The city trip is above all about walking and taking pictures, so opt for a pleasant, pretty and easily adjustable outfit... avoid heels (unless you can walk, walk and walk with them). We recommend, once again, a light dress or shorts and blouse, in all colours and patterns, to bring cheerfulness and turn the eyes. If you forget your sunglasses, go to the first souvenir shop and buy the most kitsch model (in the colours of the country visited, the feeling and the memory are guaranteed). Choose the shoe ballerinas, in a refined cut. Your bag must be large enough (for souvenirs) but must be able to stand on your shoulder (to leave your hands free). For the hair, release it and hold it with a flower headband or hippie headband. Anticipate the unexpected with a mini umbrella. Finally, if you have chosen the cheap but authentic trip by leaving hiking shoes on your feet and bag on your back, you must know how to practice the art of staying sexy with what is not! The backpack first, if possible, opt for the bag, otherwise, prefer bags that take the shape of your back and blend in best with your silhouette. For the clothes, plume! The sporty shorts but not too much, an easy to wear blouse (wide but which lets you guess the curves), the hair tied by a not too austere elastic band. Your shoes, adopt the ones that fit the shape of your feet the most (the five-fingers for example) while offering impeccable comfort, highlighted with light colours to complete the style. Treat yourself to a hat that should provide you with shade, it should be made of straw to bring out the light and rural side of summer. On holiday, you must relax but you also have to seduce, without neglecting your comfort. The holiday clothing equation seems complicated but can be solved by a suit or accessory that makes a difference and allows the sun to sublimate your curves. One last advice: choose carefully, choose smart, stand out by choosing a few original things, and above all don't neglect local purchases. Be beautiful, shine in summer in the sun, in the city or on a hike!
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