Choosing the right outfit for bedtime is often a real headache for us women. It is difficult to choose which clothing or outfit to wear for our comfort and or to seduce our man.  What are the different types of women's sleepwear? And why choose a nightgown? Which baby doll to choose? Which material and which colour to choose for a nightgown? These are the different kinds of questions that run through our heads, just for a piece of clothing or an outfit. THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF NIGHTWEAR, FOR WOMEN There are several types of nightwear, sold on the market, according to the woman's taste. There is from the least glamorous to the sexiest. But the essential thing would be rather that the woman has this feeling of comfort while giving herself pleasure, even sexy, first for herself and then for her man. First, we have pyjamas, which is the ideal nightwear for those who are fond of comfort. It is true that pyjamas are the least glamorous of all nightwear, but still, many of us women choose them. Usually made of cotton, with patterns it ensures sleep. It can be presented as a set, piece, camisole or capris. You can also have the nightie, which can be both a glamorous and sexy outfit. A little urge to light the fire with your man. The sexy nightgown will do the trick. The nightie is a recommended outfit, because it is sexy with the details it presents, namely the fabric used, its colour... Although its fabric is light, it remains close to the body, which gives its sexy effect to the person wearing it. Then we have the underwear or the little shorts, chosen by the kind of woman of girly type. The girly type seeks to combine both the glamour and comfort sides. She doesn't like being cluttered with pyjamas, which can get tangled up in the sheets. And finally, Eve's outfit, for those who don't want to be bothered by pyjamas, baby dolls and other nightwear. They like the contact of the sheets on their skins. It will simply be necessary to put on warm clothing at the exit of the bed to avoid a cold snap. HOW TO WEAR A NIGHTGOWN? Created by a certain Nancy Mecher, the baby doll is a garment intended to be worn at night, having the shape of a dress, but with thin straps. Usually made from silk, satin or other light fabrics, the nightie, often sexy, is made for women who are looking for comfort while seducing their man. Socks or a negligee can be used as an accessory to seduce your partner even more. But contrary to popular belief, the nightie is not only made to be worn at night. Indeed, it can also be worn outside. For example, for a casual style, it can be worn under a simple white t-shirt. Or a black baby doll can be worn with a rather light-coloured vest, for a glamorous and chic style. But also, the baby doll can be worn in a dressed way. It can be worn simply under a brown coat. This is in order to stand out among the other styles. Combining these two outfits allows us to have an original look. As for the shoes to wear with, choose for example a pair of boots. Or, combine a dark coat, preferably navy blue, with a black baby doll, which is easier to wear. In this case, choose suede sandals with heels, black in colour. But, the choice of coat, jacket and pairs of shoes to match with the nightie is of paramount importance. For example, it is advisable to choose a coat with a fur collar. As for the jacket, choose a dark jacket. For shoes, choose boots, thigh boots or heel sandals. WHICH BABYDOLL TO CHOOSE? All women can wear a nightie, but you will have to consider its morphology first to see which model is right for you. This is for the main purpose of being sexy. Let's note for example, if your waist is thin. A baby doll with a material that will mould your body is ideal, so that it can reveal your curves. If you are round, highlight your chest with a full baby doll. For small breasts, prefer push-ups.... WHAT MATERIAL FOR HER NIGHTGOWN? Women like to feel sexy while feeling this feeling of comfort. The baby doll is a sexy outfit par excellence in terms of seduction. Fortunately, it is suitable for all types of women. For the manufacture of the nightgown, various types of fabrics are generally used, lightweight fabrics. For cotton lovers, models with a certain delicacy can be offered by well-known brands in sexy lingerie. Made from natural fibre, these baby dolls give us a feeling of softness, and are pleasant to wear, but also to the touch. Different models exist, according to the taste of each of us. But the classic with straps remains the most popular. There are also nightgowns made of satin. Various sites offer several models of satin baby dolls. But the silk nightgown is a woman's favourite. This is due to the softness it provides like a second skin. There are also lace baby dolls, often provocative because they are transparent. With this type of material, you need to have imagination so that your partner does not discover everything in advance. Choose for example, a panty or even a thong inside this type of baby doll. Also, ideal to wear under a sexy black dress. Finally, there are baby dolls made from synthetic materials such as nylon, polyamide... but which attract static electricity, which can be solved by wetting the baby doll with a spray.

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