A perfect and seductive way to cover your body, lingerie can make a woman feel and look amazing and confident, sporting her femininity and sexuality. But most women choose the wrong type of lingerie. With several types of lingerie available, you are required to be confused when choosing your pair. THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF LINGERIE YOU CAN CHOOSE Bras - The most commonly used lingerie, bras support and lift the breasts. The bra has the widest variety of styles compared to any other lingerie. Women can choose from a complete, backless, convertible, halter, longline, minimizing, padded, diving or u-diving, back swimmer, sport, athletics, bustier, bustier-Back nude, and headband. Panties - Panties is another common lingerie that are also available in different cuts and styles. There are bikinis that are sitting on the hips covering the front and back completely. Be glamorous and attractive when trying to flutter panties, which have elastic on top and are loose and rustling down. G-String Panties and Thongs - If you have a perfect background to see, then G-String panties and flip flops are perfect lingerie for you. Strings are available in G-string, C-string, V-chain, and T-string, so you can choose anyone you like. Bustier - A sexy bustier bra that goes all the way to the waist with suspender straps attached. Choose a silk bustier or any other silky material. It improves your breast line by giving them a more complete look and creating more cleavage. Shirt - It is one of the simplest pieces of lingerie to wear. It is a short dress with a straight cut that falls just above the knees. Shirts are generally made of silky fabrics. By naturally falling around your body, they give you a sexy and refined look. Camisole - This sleeveless top is short and loose and reaches to the waist. Camisoles can be combined with a pair of matching panties or worn as a slip under a wool sweater or an open jacket.

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