Lithotherapy and virtues of Pink Quartz

Rose quartz is an essential stone to have close to you when you decide to explore the world of crystals. It is part of the quartz family like rock crystal and therefore is composed of silicate and its colour can already give you an idea of its properties. You can visit and learn more about natural stone properties.

How to recognize it?

Rose quartz is very recognizable by its inimitable soft pink colour. You can't confuse it with other pink stones like rhodochrosite which is more intense or pink tourmaline which has more transparency. You can find it in its raw form or in rolled stone and pebble, in point, in sphere or pyramid but much more rarely in the form of crystalline clusters or geode.

What are its benefits?

As you may have guessed, pink quartz is the ultimate love stone. It spreads its waves of softness and tenderness and gives us the feeling of rolling in a cocoon of fullness. She encourages love in all its forms, whether it is self-love or love of others, but also to accept to receive it. It has very soothing properties and helps to act against stress by creating an aura of protection around it and offering a sense of security and understanding. With pink quartz you do not fear anything, this stone only wants you good and wishes to share with you its unconditional love and offer you inner peace. It emits an energy of harmony and healing that will promote your communication with others but also with yourself and can allow you to express certain emotions such as sadness that can be blocked in you and thus promote healing.

How do I use it?

As a jewel simply to have her close to you but also as a pebble to meditate during a given period with her and work on the aspects mentioned above. It is also particularly suitable as a stone to place in the bedroom, on the bedside table or in the bathroom to create an atmosphere conducive to well-being, relaxation and the expression of romantic feelings. It is very suitable for mineral elixirs and you can also place a rolled stone in your moisturizing cream jar to charge it with these energies of self-love and enjoy it every morning, as a ritual. Using it in a pebble bath to perform a ritual of self-love, forgiveness and gratitude can also be a very good idea. You can also find it in the shop in the form of the crystalline candle entitled "Love" coupled with the gentle energies of rose and verbena.

 How do I purify and recharge it?

To take care of your pink quartz you can simply purify it with sage, incense or palo santo smoke, but also run it under running water or soak it for several hours in salt water. It all depends on the degree of cleaning it needs and the use you make of it. Charging is best done under full moonlight.
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