Lithotherapy and Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is the base stone to look for when you discover lithotherapy. Quartz is composed of silicate, which is one of the most common minerals found on Earth and is also a constituent of human beings. We have some things in common with this natural stone and it can bring us a lot of benefits and virtues that you can learn more about here

How to recognize it?

Rock crystal is a stone of the quartz family and you can find it in the form of a geode (very useful to recharge your crystals), in crystalline clusters, in rolled stone, in pebbles, in single or double points etc. There are many different varieties of rock crystal, you can see some completely transparent, others translucent, some with "ghosts" inside, but also blue, green, pink, pink, smoky, milky, with tourmaline inclusions, artificially covered with titanium or gold to give it a metallic or rainbow sheen. There are a really huge number of varieties and each has its own specificities. Here we will talk about base rock crystal, i. e. translucent or transparent quartz.

What are its benefits?

The rock crystal acts on the energetic amplification of its carrier and allows to raise his consciousness and to clarify his thought. It is a stone whose energy is very beneficial and allows us to heal, rebalance, reharmonize our vibrations. This crystal is very conductive from an energetic point of view which makes it an excellent tool to harmonize our mind with our body, to practice meditation, to develop our intuition and generally to promote activities related to spirituality. If you feel emotionally unbalanced, rock crystal will help you realign your vibrations and regain balance. Even if you feel stuck, that the energies around you do not circulate and make you heavier, it will allow you to get rid of energy blockages and stimulate your mind.

How do I use it?

Since rock crystal exacerbates the effects of other crystals, you can couple it with other stones if you want to reinforce their effects, whether it is when you wear them on you as a jewel, as a rolled stone or during a meditation. Having a crystalline quartz cluster or geode is very useful to recharge your other stones. Indeed, the light refracts on all the small crystals composing it which makes it possible to better recharge your stones whether under the light of the sun or under that of the moon. I recommend the use of spheres or pebbles to practice meditation in order to work on intuition and clairvoyance. In single or double point you direct the energy to a given point which can be very useful if you want to create a crystal grid. You can also install it in a room, on a piece of furniture, to create an atmosphere of tranquillity and harmony. You can also find it in the shop in the form of the crystalline candle entitled "Harmony" coupled with the spiritual energies of essential oils of cedar and fir.

How do I purify and recharge it?

To take care of your rock crystal you can simply purify it with the smoke of sage, incense or palo santa but also pass it under running water or soak it for several hours in salt water. It all depends on the degree of cleaning it needs. The Amerindians considered that quartz is actually crystallized light, so exposing it to the sun will recharge its batteries.
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