There are many types of eyelash extensions, but the most popular are eyelash extensions and so-called Russian volume or 3D eyelash extensions. While the latter is a more improved extension technique, eyelash to eyelash extension is still more in demand by many women. It is possible to master the art of eyelash to eyelash extension through specialized training. KNOW THE EYELASH TO EYELASH EXTENSION Eyelash to eyelash extension is a beauty technique that consists of applying an extension or false eyelashes to a natural eyelash in order to enlarge the eyes, lengthen and intensify the eyelash density of the eyes and thus beautify the face and give it a younger look. To do this, in institutes specializing in eyelash to eyelash extensions, the beautician applies only one extension for a natural eyelash for a more natural result, unlike the Russian volume extension. The eyelash to eyelash extension can last several weeks, this is where the major advantage of this technique lies. Indeed, it allows clients to have an oversized look without going through the mascara stage every time they get up in the morning. It also gives women the impression of being a star. If you are not yet familiar with the eyelash technique and would like to learn it, do not hesitate to look at this site. HOW DOES THE EYELASH TO EYELASH EXTENSION WORK? Eyelash to eyelash technique is a revolutionary technique that can be easy to learn. However, after eyelash to eyelash training it is important to train frequently in order to guarantee a result worthy of a professional. Women can apply them at home, especially for a transfer for an evening. In a non-exhaustive way, the installation can be done in 4 steps. The first is to prepare the lashes by brushing and curling them. False eyelashes are also prepared, combed and cut to the right size. The second step is to apply the glue, which is a special cyanoacrylate glue used in medicine, using a fine brush. It is in the third step that the false eyelashes are applied, one by one successively on each eyelash in the upper area of the eye and carefully so as not to damage them. Finally, touch-ups are applied to optimize the result. EYELASH TO EYELASH TRAINING An expanding technique, eyelash to eyelash extension is now in great demand by customers. Indeed, it has become a must in the beauty industry, which is why more and more salons are practicing it. However, many beauticians claim to be specialists when in the end their work is not of high quality, which leads their clients to change salons to look for competent technicians. Fortunately, many organizations provide training with an experienced trainer. The eyelash to eyelash training allows all lovers to learn the best technique, to master the art, to know what to do or avoid, but also to know the products of noble quality. The training accepts people who have not yet practiced eyelash extension but who want to practice the profession and become a technician. However, trainees must be thorough, patient and have good visual quality. Most eyelash to eyelash training is carried out in a day or maximum 2 days during which there are theoretical courses and practical tests and is formalized by a certificate. After an excellent training, the apprentice can guarantee customers a top-of-the-range service and thus build their loyalty and differentiate themselves.
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