Focusing on Labradorite’s properties in lithotherapy

It's been a few months since I took the time to write on the blog and I missed it! I am happy to come back here to talk to you about a stone for which I have a special love. Labradorite is a stone that I personally love very much and I noticed that I was not the only one! There is a really magical side to the way it changes colours with the light and its properties in lithotherapy are as fascinating as its beauty. Check for more about Lithotherapy.

How to recognize it?

Labradorite is very recognizable because of its ability to change colours according to the light to which it is exposed. Its colours are incredible and can range from blue to green, pink, purple and fawn. It is in the sunlight that it takes on its full brilliance and that it varies every second. You can find it in its raw or polished form, in rolled stone, in pebble but also in sphere or cabochon. Its quality can vary and it can appear mostly grey with coloured inclusions that are revealed in light.

What are its benefits?

Labradorite acts as a protector for hypersensitive and empathetic people. It is considered as the stone of the carers because it allows protecting oneself from energies which could lower our vibrations and helps to distance one from pains which do not belong to us. Labradorite is also a very spiritual stone that will allow you to improve your connection to the invisible by strengthening your intuition. Its subtlety will help you to see beyond the surface of things and consider new points of view. It is a stone of wisdom that will guide you on your way to metamorphosis and spiritual elevation.

How do I use it?

As a jewel, it is simply to have it close to you and enjoy its benefits throughout the day or as a rolled stone in your pocket or bag. If you wish to work on the aspects of your life on which the labradorite acts you can get it in pebble in order to use it during meditations. It is also particularly suitable as a stone to place in your office or office if you are a person who receives patients. In this case it may be interesting to have several placed at different places in the room to create a protective shield against energetics that do not belong to you and that could pollute you.

How do I purify and recharge it?

To take care of your labradorite you can simply purify it regularly under running water or with sage, incense or palo santo smoke. When it requires a thorough cleaning, do not hesitate to soak several of them in salt water. It particularly appreciates being recharged in sunlight.
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