Fashion jewellery is a real fashion accessory. They make it possible to optimize each look and enhance it. Just like clothing, costume jewellery follows the evolution of fashion. Every season, there are new jewellery trends. To enrich your outfit this summer, find the essential costume jewellery that will allow you to be at the top of style. GEOMETRIC AND GRAPHIC JEWELLERY For the summer of 2019, make way for modernity. Fashionable women's costume jewellery is those with geometric and graphic shapes, with the bonus of rather flashy colours. This architectural research highlights all summer outfits. With sharp curves and raw materials, costume jewellery with a low neck or cuff is very popular. The fancy necklace is for example one of the most fashionable products for summer. It is suitable for all styles and morphologies. A saltire lengthens the neck and can be worn perfectly even with a simple swimsuit. XXL version earrings are also very trendy. Modern and very geometric, XXL earrings allow you to assert your personality. Find several ideas for cheap jewellery on the site Similarly, maxi necklaces are very popular. Those with large meshes or very conspicuous pendants are the most worn this season. The same applies to multi-row collars. Very trendy, they are suitable for all occasions, whether it is a romantic get-together or a professional meeting. Multi-row costume jewellery also enhances the finesse of your shot. Not to mention fringed jewellery, summer jewellery par excellence. Ideal for a bohemian or contemporary look, a touch of colour adds even more style to this accessory. Fringes can now be used for pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Romantic and graphic, they are precisely in fashion this season. It brings back a touch of originality that reassures you in your style and look. GOLD AND SILVER JEWELLERY Each season, colours are highlighted to lead the trend. For this summer, gold and silver jewellery dominate in number in each costume jewellery shop. These are the flagship colours of today's fashion. Sneakers, clothes and most trendy fashion items have models in these colours. Fashion jewellery is no exception. As fashion accessories, they follow current trends. Today, gold and silver are synonymous with elegance and taste. The golden and silvery colours sublimate with voluptuousness the face, neck and limbs of a woman. They create golden reflections that give this touch of elegance. Gold and/or silver costume jewellery can be worn for a chic evening or an outing with friends. The two colours can be superimposed without creating a "too much" visual effect. But preferably, it is advisable to choose one of the colours only for a more conventional occasion. Gold enhances tanned skin more but is also suitable for lighter women. JEWELLERY MADE OF ORIGINAL MATERIALS The major fashion brands compete in ingenuity and creativity to offer original costume jewellery. The pearl ones are known to be symbols of femininity and elegance. This summer, pearl jewellery is back on the red carpets in force. With their natural charm and very raw appearance, pearls are both modern and classic. Fashion jewellery can be used both for casual and professional wear. They are at the top of fashion this season. You don't have to ruin yourself by buying authentic pearls. Replicas make equally remarkable costume jewellery. Other original and trendy costume jewellery this summer: printed jewellery.  Peas, zebras, stripes, all the prints are in the spotlight this season. Coloured prints are the most popular. The same applies to black and white ones. This type of costume jewellery is more suitable for casual wear, such as beachwear or streetwear. These jewels are certainly trendy, but they are not suitable for more formal situations such as a professional meeting or an evening. SHELL COSTUME JEWELLERY Shells are invading our little jewels this summer. Between thin bracelets, short necklaces and earrings, the shellfish adapts to all uses. At the height of the trend, shell costume jewellery is the fashion accessory that is at its best all year round, even when summer is over. Indeed, even if the shells symbolize the sea for example, the shell costume jewellery can be worn on all looks. The shells can be linked by a fine thread for more subtlety or by an iron chain for a rougher result. To be even more in the trend, you can combine shell jewellery with pearls. The advantage of this kind of costume jewellery is that you can customize it as you wish. With only one fishing line, you can choose shells and pearls and put them together according to your inspiration. You can also choose the colours that suit you, depending on the type of look you want to wear. Feel free to insert other materials such as stones or original small balls of different colours. For this summer, original costume jewellery is being showcased. Whether it is those with a new shape, unusual materials or modern colours, they will brighten up all your looks. We can say that the originality and personality of women are being honoured for this season. Fashion jewellery can be adapted to any circumstance, moods, occasions, seasons, but always to mark the personality of the wearer. To your jewels!
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