In addition to wearing perfect clothing and make-up, the wearing of appropriate shoes is also necessary. Shoes have become an essential part of women's fashion. It plays an important role in making women look attractive and elegant. Shoes of various trends and styles are available in the market. SOME TYPES OF SHOES Boots - These are shoes that surround the foot and can come in heels, flat and wedged. They are made of leather, fabric, suede or even rubber. There are different types of boots available in the market as-
  • High boots that reach just above the ankle,
  • High starting thigh that covers the leg all the way to the thigh and
  • High boot that stops just before reaching the knee

Heels - Heels shoes usually fall into the pump category

The pumps are low waist shoes that surround the foot without any attachments. They have a perfect upper that is cut off near the toes that the top of the foot. There are many types of heel shoes, such as Wedge shoes, a small heel, French heels, stiletto heels, pumps with back flange and open toe or peep-toe shoes.

Flat heels shoes

Flat shoes are the type of shoes without heels.  Flat shoes can be round or pointed. Ballet shoes or ballerina is a popular flat shoe, which is a flat heel, closed shoes, almost like a slipper.

Sneakers or tennis shoes

These are the most casual type of women's shoes. They have a rubber sole that is made of nylon and leather on the body of the shoe. Basketball shoes, running shoes and casual city shoes for walking are the different types of sports shoes.


Sandals are the types of shoes that are secured by straps and the tip is exposed. It can vary from the most casual shape of the shoe (such as flip-flop), heel sandals and other styles.
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