One of the most useful and, unfortunately, the most neglected parts of the body are the feet. They are always under pressure; if you use high heels or walk barefoot. The calluses, rough skin on the heel must be regularly hydrated; otherwise it can crack or dry. SOME TIPS TO MAKE YOUR FEET MORE BEAUTIFUL Correct Sizing Shoes - Make sure you wear shoes that do not get your feet stuck. You should go to a professional to have your feet measured, so that you can find the right size shoes for you. Keep going from - Don't stay in one place too long without moving your feet. Otherwise, it will result in swelling of the ankles and feet, which will be painful for days. Foot bath - Enjoy a good foot bath by filling a bathtub with hot water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will help the blood flow in your feet and relax your tired feet. You can also use green tea bags to help relieve your feet. Wiggle your toes - Remove your shoes and wiggle your toes. Also, try to bend your knees up and down like the way you walk. These activities will exercise your toes and make you feel relaxed. Take off your shoes at home - There is no sense in walking around in your shoes while you are in your own home. You can buy slippers for the house to wear. This will give your feet some air and let them breathe. Vault support - Many shoes have been built to support the vault that keeps your feet relaxed. Arch is in the middle part of your shoes and is normally slightly elevated. If your shoes do not have good arch support, then buy an arch support to put in place or buy a new pair of shoes. Shoes without arch support will make your foot pain and create other foot problems.
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