A short introduction to lithotherapy

There are so many topics I'd like to discuss with you that I had a little trouble knowing where to start! So I decided to talk to you about what is at the heart of my life and my days in recent months: lithotherapy. What is lithotherapy anyway? Hum not easy to summarize.... Having a few years of ancient Greek behind me I immediately want to analyse the etymology of the word: so first of all we have lithos which means stone and therapeia means care, cure. Lithotherapy is therefore literally curing itself with stones. Here www.minerals-kingdom.com/ you can learn more about natural stone virtues. But it is to cure what and how? How could a rock help me feel good? This is the kind of question you can ask yourself when you haven't yet discovered the fascinating world of stones, so let me enlighten you a little. It's all about energy and vibration, actually. As De Vinci said "Movement is the principle of all life", even in our immobility we are constantly in motion, our heart does not stop beating, our lungs fill and empty, our blood moves in our veins. The most inanimate object is actually made up of an incalculable number of electrons that never cease to collide and vibrate. The stones are also apparently immobile, but in reality they are just as vibrant as we humans. It is this vibration that animates everything and binds us to everything that exists on Earth. But if this vibration is present in everything, why focus particularly on stones? It is because the crystals come from the belly of the Earth. They have spent thousands or even millions of years growing and developing. They have been intimately in contact with telluric energy and allow us to recreate the link between our humanity and the nature that gave us life. Another reason is that the stones carry within them properties related to their crystalline geometry, their colour, their chemical composition but also to the belief that men have placed in them for hundreds of years. We call it egregore but I will develop this notion in another article because there is so much to say about it! And how can stones heal us? In many different ways! Some people think they can cure body aches and pains, but I don't want to comment on this area and encourage you to consult a doctor before turning to lithotherapy. Nevertheless, crystals can do us an incredible good when it comes to our psyche, our emotions, our relationships with others and with our environment as well as our perception of ourselves. The scope of action is really wide and so are their potential benefits. How to use the stones? There are many ways to work with stones: by simply carrying them in your pocket or as jewellery, but also by installing them in your home so that they influence our environment. There are also other ways to include them in a routine to do us good through gem waters or mineral drinking elixirs, using their properties in our care and hygiene products. The possibilities are vast and I look forward to talking to you about it! I hope you enjoyed this introduction to the rich & fascinating world of stones and minerals. I promise you many other articles in which I will elaborate on all the aspects I have just mentioned, but let me warn you that from the moment you let the stones into your life you will never tire of them and will never stop discovering this fascinating and enriching world. If you are already passionate about lithotherapy leave a little comment to tell me what you love most and how you discovered this universe.  
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