Innovation in the world of fashion has always been about making their customers feel good about the clothes they wear. In recent years, the textile industry has taken a decisive turn by integrating the concept of eco-responsibility into their production process. At the same time, there is a growing awareness of how to consume fashion items, which makes textile recycling necessary. If you are considering becoming part of this environmentally conscious community, here's why you should choose recycled ready-to-wear. QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE Having better quality clothing at a reasonable price is an ideal for many people. Today, the fast-fashion industry is beginning to break stereotypes that ethical clothing is inaccessible, much less trendy and rather expensive. The reason recycled clothing attracts the attention of industries is that it reduces raw material costs. Indeed, the fibres used to produce recycled clothing are obtained from several sources, including post-consumer products including clothing and other domestic textiles already in use; as well as pre-consumer products such as industrial textile waste. This significantly reduces the costs associated with fibre manufacturing. By choosing recycled clothing, we obtain a new, good quality and low-cost garment. A GOOD DEED FOR THE PLANET This goes without saying, but it is important to point out that the fashion industry leaves a huge environmental footprint behind it. Indeed, many garments on the market are manufactured from harmful chemicals, particularly in the manufacture of synthetic fibres and the use of toxic dyes for dyeing. Many do not realize it, but various chemicals and pesticides are used to grow cotton. In addition, the production of a single garment requires a very large supply of water and electricity, which are exhaustible resources. Choosing recycled clothing is therefore an excellent way to encourage environmental protection while saving resources and reducing the amount of chemicals needed to make new clothing. A DURABLE GARMENT Recycled clothing has a much longer life span. For some time now, the fashion industry has always wanted to tell you the trends to follow and the essential elements of any closet. In terms of sustainable fashion, this is not necessarily the case. Research has shown that the purchase of clothing made from renewable organic fibres is not only less toxic, but also more durable and timeless. Durable clothing reduces clothing consumption and therefore reduces the amount of textile waste in landfills. By choosing to be aware of where your clothes come from, you will do more for the planet and for yourself. Buying recycled clothing therefore helps to preserve the planet.
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