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Luxury brands have embraced animal prints which are available in all their spring/summer 2022 collections to celebrate the Year of Tiger and Lunar New Year. You can also get other tiger prints such as tiger hoodies from the tiger-Universe or check them on You can get different types of tiger print hoodies from the hoodies collection.

The Lunar New Year is the most important and the most important date in the calendar of the Chinese people. It is a day they have time to reset and start afresh. This is taken as an official day to mark the crossing over into the year of Tiger. It is also a zodiac sign believed to represent strength and fearlessness as the king of all the beasts. Therefore, people born in the year of Tiger are said to be brave, confident, unpredictable, and competitive and display high levels of determination.

Luxury fashions have made limited-edition capsule collections in order to celebrate this occasion, including the Tiger's emblem and traditional Chinese colours. You're mistaken if you thought animal print fashion item was over. To celebrate the lunar New Year, some fashion houses such as Gucci, Prada and Dior have launched unique fashions influenced by the Chinese Zodiac. They have got you covered with incredible fashions. The 2022 year of Tiger has been marked with orange and black stripes for these fashions.

Celebrate the year of Tiger with the Luxury Fashion Brands explained below;

The Dior’s Men Water Tiger

Dior has revealed an entire capsule for the Lunar New Year, continuing the dialogue that was started by Kim Jones, House's artistic director and the prominent Kenny Scharf, an American painter for the 2021 Dior Men's show. This was to pay tribute to the Water Tiger, a Chinese zodiac sign that is celebrated in the Lunar New Year. Kenny has provided a preferably original emblem Reinterpretation that is important in a collection that brings much joyous energy, just as any person could have needed to begin the year.

The attractive design is then transformed into embroidery, patches and prints that will appear on denim pants, knitwear, down jackets and shirts. All these pieces appear beautiful in a range of colors, such as red, white and blue, which are all colors adored in Chinese culture. The animal prints are also featured on accessories like men's jewellery and in exemplary and unforgettable Dior Lock bags and Dior Lingot 22.

Burberry’s Bringing the Stripes Game Back

The British luxury fashion house Burberry is another luxury fashion brand that has launched a well-known campaign for Lunar New Year. The Burberry glorious capsules have Tiger's signature stripes on well-liked styles such as Olympia bags and Lola.

The Tiger is also illustrated on both the women's and men's ready-to-wear with a Monogram print that has an orange accent that has been appreciated by Thomas Burberry, the British house's founder. Accessories incorporate these looks from collections like sneakers and cashmere scarves.

Courageous, Vigorous and Active by Fendi

Symbolism plays a vital role in the New Year celebrations of China and so is the type of clothes one might select to wear during these celebration seasons. The Italian house Fendi is also at the forefront of providing an exclusive capsule collection to celebrate the beginning of the year of Tiger. This collection embodies the vigorous, courageous, enthusiastic and active personalities of people born in the genus Panthera year.

Adding a lively twist to signature elements of the house, the Fendi Festival Exclusive Capsule Collection of 2022 offered an orange print of tiger animalier design that was inspired by Siberian tigers. The tiger print took the most attention also in the collection, decorated on the new sneakers of Fendi Match for men and women.

A grey variant and a gradient black of the famous monogram are featured on the sleek black monochrome FF logo skirts and shirts, echoing the men's collection. The gradient FF logo that appears as a print was applied on casual and formal suits like knitted cardigans, denim jackets, casual pants and long-sleeved sweatshirts. The men's collection, sporting a darker combination of colors of black and red, also includes a hype option of accessories and leather goods.

Tiger in Wonderland by Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo presented Tiger in the Wonderland campaign as a way to embrace the year of the Tiger. In collaboration with some Chinese artists, Ferragamo created stunning and unique prints that were inspired by Zodiac Tiger 2022. The Italian luxury house has continued to work with different artists to unite culture and art.

As the critical component of this collection, the tiger print is used in the Ferragamo Studio Bag and collection silk foulard of the New Year of Chinese. This displays modern sophistication and oriental charm that compose a celebration of the coming New Year of the Chinese people. The Trifolio handbag was created in red as it adds a festive mood to the celebration of the Chinese New year. In this collection, the Chelsea boots complete the look.

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