Make-up and wedding hairstyle must be impeccable during the ceremony, as this is the person to whom all eyes will be focused. By calling on a professional, the hairdresser and make-up artist will be able to highlight the assets of the bride's face and hairstyle. With professional wedding makeup and hair, all guests will remember the bride's beauty on the day of the event. TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL WEDDING MAKEUP The tests are imperative to ensure the result of the make-up and wedding hairstyle. Thanks to these tests, there is no risk of harmful disappointment on the wedding day. The wedding make-up and hairdressing tests confirm the professionalism of the service providers, the bride will be able to see the result of the services. The amount of make-up varies according to the additional options chosen by the bride-to-be. Cosmetic products make it possible to modify the price range, which is much smaller than the budget allocated for hairdressing. A successful wedding makeup must be faithful to the bride's personality. Professional make-up artists generally propose to test several make-up products in order to have an idea of the cosmetic products to use and the make-up style in accordance with the usual style and spirit of the bride's personality. MAKE-UP BY THE BEAUTICIAN It is recommended to do at least one wedding makeup test, preferably at the same time as the haircut test. In this way, the bride will be able to see the harmonization of wedding make-up and hairdressing. This test must be done by making an appointment about 3 months before the D-day. The day before the event, take advantage of a relaxing session in an institute to look radiant and look rested. During this relaxing session, take the opportunity to apply various cosmetic products to exfoliate and gently exfoliate to remove dead skin and remove greyness. Complete the relaxation session in the institute with intense hydration and an invigorating massage. WHAT TO DO BEFORE HOME WEDDING MAKEUP On the wedding day, the bride generally prepares herself in a logical order: hair, make-up and dressing. For the practical side, it is recommended to choose a garment that can be removed from below so as not to damage the hair and make-up. Get a successful wedding make-up, by favouring light and refined cosmetic products. A quality make-up requires a fresh and natural complexion. Avoid at all costs overloading, demarcation, staining, waxy complexion...

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