The seasons change over time, and the clothes in the wardrobe too must change with them. It is often difficult to dress well and stay stylish while being in comfortable clothes in winter, however, there are some timeless outfits that remain timeless, such as the down jacket for women. THE WOMEN'S DOWN JACKET Putting on your down jacket is like wearing a duvet on you, in fact, down jackets are very light, comfortable and they keep you warm. The down jacket can be worn outdoors only in the urban environment, it remains a timeless item in wardrobes when winter comes, the place where it should be worn is an essential criterion to define. There are a multitude of down jackets and styles, some are short above the hips while others can go up to mid-thigh and prices vary depending on insulation and fabric. There are also a multitude of ways to elegantly wear a down jacket. The women's down jacket can be worn like a jacket in an urban environment, it will keep warm all day between outings when the temperature is very low, and it will keep warm even when going out in the evening. The down jacket is a women's clothing that can also be used as a sports clothing, it can also be worn during outdoor activities such as skiing or hiking because of its insulating characteristics and its waterproofness. THE FABRIC, LINING AND INSULATION OF THE DOWN JACKET The down jacket is above all a waterproof and comfortable garment and keeps you warm. Its filling is done in two different ways, either by synthetic or down filling. The insulation of the down jackets can be made of synthetic material or natural down. However, some models even offer a mixture between the two materials. The plastic insulation is made by assembling polyester filaments and then swelling. As for down, it is a material of natural origin derived from duck feathers. But how can we ensure that the down jacket is comfortable, and waterproof compared to synthetic material and down? Each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages. Down is the most appropriate in terms of heat, but synthetic material is the one that is less waterproof and more economical. The insulation of down jackets is mainly related to the swelling power of the material used. Indeed, the more the material swells with air, the warmer the down jacket will be. This process is most applicable to down jackets made with down, the partitioning is also important for this type of jacket. Partitioning is also important for a better distribution of the insulating material for the whole garment. The sewing of a down jacket can be done with H-seams which will allow optimal insulation but the only disadvantage is that the down jacket will be very voluminous, or by a transverse seam which will allow a finer cut and the heat will be distributed between different points, the down jacket can be worn like a jacket. Down jackets are more comfortable and lighter, cosy and breathable. As for synthetic down jackets, they are economical, but heavier, while remaining warm by being moist and easier to clean. It is true that down blankets are more expensive than synthetic blankets. The fabric used to make the down jackets is also very important, the criterion for choosing the fabric does not depend on the insulation, but for a greater lightness and a better compression when the garment is worn. Indeed, the finer a fabric is used, the lighter the down jacket will be, and the latter will be more compressible. On the other hand, the down jacket will be more fragile when it is lighter, which can cause tears. If there is a tear on a synthetic down jacket, the damage will be minimal and the tear can be patched up compared to a down jacket, if a tear is found, it could lead to a loss of material, or a leakage of feathers. In most cases, down jackets are waterproof, yet it affects the breathability of the fabric and its compression, knowing that prices vary according to the fabric. HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR DOWN JACKET The criterion for the choice of the down jacket must be based on the morphology of the woman who will wear it. Short down jackets are the most popular models for the coming seasons. Women can also wear long down jackets, and if you add a belt for the curved effect, it could highlight the shapes and curves by refining the waist. However, long models should be avoided for small women to avoid the compression effect. And for women with a strong hip, the belt can widen the hips and could make the figure heavier. For these two cases, it is better to go for the three-quarter down jacket models and the best would be a straight cut. And for those with a strong build, it would be best to avoid short V-shaped models, as they could accentuate the build. The straight cut would also be the best solution instead of cutting with the belt, which could also raise the shoulders. The long down jacket model is ideal for thin and tall women. The models most adapted to most morphologies are indeed the short down jackets and the down jackets arriving above the knee. Concerning the colour of the down jacket, there are several choices available, light or dark colours, flashy, matte or shiny, there is the embarrassment of the choice. However, it is more elegant to wear the down jacket with a darker, matte colour, the shine increases the optical effect of the volume, the down jacket will be easier to accessorize with coloured accessories. However, there is nothing to stop you from opting for bright and flashy colours. THE ACCESSORIES OF THE WOMEN'S DOWN JACKET The down jacket can be enhanced with certain accessories. First, there are the reinforcements, often placed on the shoulders; although they add a little weight to the down jacket, they allow it to last. Among these accessories, there is also the hood, which allows you to have more warmth when the temperatures are at their lowest, and add style, some hoods are available with fake fur, no need to add many accessories because the down jacket for women is already accessorized. HOW TO WEAR THE DOWN JACKET For more elegance, it is better to opt for a matt and dark down jacket and then to awaken its colours with trendy accessories, either with a scarf, gloves or caps. The recall of colours can also be done with down jackets, it is simply necessary to shift the down jackets with feminine pieces to look chicer and more elegant. These feminine pieces can be jeans, skirts, dresses or even pairs of pumps. No need to add sportswear parts, the down jackets are enough on their own. All you must do is add feminine pieces to urbanize the outfit with a down jacket.
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