An essential element of a man's wardrobe and a key element in perfecting his look, a man must have at least one shirt to his credit. A shirt is not only a garment like any other, it gives class and elegance to the person who wears it. For a man, he combines masculinity and charm because a man who dresses in a shirt will always be sexy. Many people think it is only useful for special occasions but no! It can quite easily be worn even usually. You just must be careful to choose it well according to the event and the circumstance. Here is a short guide that could allow you to sort through and see the different possibilities of a men's shirt and be in a suitable outfit at any time. CHOOSE YOUR SHIRT ACCORDING TO THE FABRIC OF THE FACTORY Fabric is important in choosing a shirt so that it is comfortable to wear. First, as far as the material is concerned, it is always preferable to have a man's shirt made of natural fabric, preferably a cotton shirt. So, if you must wear a shirt all day long, for comfort, it is advisable to choose a material such as poplin. A poplin shirt is fluid and lightweight because it is made of yarn such as cotton, silk or linen. This is the perfect work shirt for all seasons by combining it with a slim suit pants set and a tie if possible. Alternatively, you can also adopt an oxford shirt if it is for less formal occasions. This type of fabric, unlike poplin, is thicker and more robust. It is often advisable to wear it with a more casual outfit while always staying classy. To have this cool but classy effect, you can combine denim pants with a white man's shirt that will give a good look. Don't forget the jacket to perfect the whole look. HOW TO CHOOSE THE MODEL OF YOUR SHIRT? It should be noted that deciding on the shirt model is not so difficult if you have some basics considering your needs. Here are some ideas to guide you: - If you work in an office all day long and you must dress in the correct mode all day long, you can choose a long-sleeved shirt. Class men's shirts should always be long-sleeved. At the collar level, you can have several alternatives. Here are some examples of collars you can wear: English, classic, Milanese, cutaway or Neapolitan... - If you are casual style, it may be suggested that you choose a chickened shirt that will be worn open on a t-shirt to give the cool effect with jeans underneath. However, be careful to choose your jeans carefully because it is important not to look badly dressed! - If you are rather classic, you can choose a long or short sleeve shirt, or even a slim shirt but not too slim, it is according to you, it must be comfortable to move well, matching it with very slim denim pants and tennis. Don't forget the glasses to match it all if you go out. WHEN TO WEAR THE SHIRT THAT WENT INTO THE PANTS? The question is often repeated when it comes to clothing fashion. So, to answer it: you don't have to put your shirt in your pants if you are dressed in casual or casual clothing. However, you must be careful with the size of your shirt so that it is not too short or too long according to your morphology. It is important to know that wearing an over-size shirt can make your look not fashionable at all. On the other hand, if you wear a tie or bow, you will be much more stylish and correct when you wear it in. There is no obligation when talking about fashion, it all depends on you and the style you want to affirm. Finally: enhance your body when you choose your shirt.
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