The eyes have different shapes and types that look more beautiful after a perfect series of eye makeup is applied. When a person looks at a woman, he looks straight into her eyes, so make your eyes attractive and beautiful, which will impress the viewer. Eye makeup is different for each eye and most women are aware of their eye type, but not the type of makeup needed. Do you know the shape of your eyes and the type of make-up required? Eyes come in different shapes and sizes and different according to geographical locations. They could be made more attractive by the eye shading and eye make-up technique.


Eyeshadow should be of good quality and should be chosen according to your eyes. Start with dark tones and apply to the entire eyelid for an optimal effect. Use lighter shades for eye shadow under the eyebrow, just above the primary shadow. Shades should be chosen according to the colour of the dress. Funky eye shadow will be the best option if you are wearing the multi-coloured dress.


Mascara is used to add beauty to the eyes, and make them look like curved, long, thick and dark eyelashes. It is available in black and should be applied in the best possible way. It is applied from the base of the lashes to the tip with a small loop. It should only be applied once or twice.


Black eyeliner was one of the favourites earlier, but today, the colour varieties are available in eyeliner. Choose eyeliner according to the colour of the dress or use black for a multicoloured dress. They are available as a pencil, in powder or liquid form. The best way to apply is to start at the inner corner of the eye and should be applied after the mascara shadow and the eye is about to end. With these techniques, you will look beautiful with the right eye makeup and you can attract everyone's attention.  
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