Lingerie is constantly evolving like all other types of clothing items. Both designers and textile manufacturers are always looking for new designs and fabrics that will give underwear comfort and aesthetics. It is therefore not surprising that lace is widely used. Spotlight on this material which is frequently used in the manufacture of lingerie articles. THE SYMBOLISM AND ADVANTAGES OF LACE LINGERIE Lace lingerie is the perfect way to express ideas of romance and seduction. Women love to put on underwear from this type of lingerie. Lace adds a touch of fantasy luxury to any garment, especially underwear. The particularity of the fabric makes its wearer engage in a kind of hide-and-seek game with his partner. It shows some parts of the woman's body. Lace lingerie is perfect to seduce someone with its fine and transparent fabric. Most lace nowadays contains lycra which allows the lingerie to stretch and tighten perfectly the body. Lace underwear is particularly appreciated not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its soothing and comfortable feel on the skin. In addition, lace underpants have the advantage of being covering, as they disappear under clothing and leave the surface of your clothes smooth. THE HISTORY OF LACE Lace, the most glamorous and refined textile in the world, has always been inspired by fashion and the various collections. The use of this type of fabric has undergone significant changes over the years. Lace has evolved from embroideries and different types of needlework and has been made for centuries exclusively by hand. By cutting pieces of fabric and filling open spaces with embroidery threads, Venetian craftsmen have developed lace that will become sophisticated patterns for different types of clothing such as lace lingerie. Then, the craftsmen developed patterns of different sizes and shapes between the stitches using bobbin lace. Over time, a wide variety of new lace forms began to emerge. Lingerie styles have become more feminine with designs and shapes that adapt to different body shapes. THE IMPORTANCE OF WEARING SEXY LINGERIE Lingerie is not intended to be worn only as underwear, but to be a seductive asset par excellence for a woman. It symbolizes grace and femininity, and since it is worn so close to the skin, it has a strong power of attraction. Sexy lingerie allows a woman to highlight the different parts of her body and thus succeed in attracting her partner during an evening. Moreover, men greatly appreciate that women are dressed in a sexy way when they are in bed. Some choose the type of lingerie their partners will wear for a romantic evening. Whether you are single, in a couple or married, lace lingerie is a timeless seduction asset that is still very fashionable. Investing in a pretty bra and lace underwear helps to strengthen the bonds between the woman and her partner on the one hand and to enhance her body on the other. Thus, the wearing of this kind of lingerie makes the couple's sexual life livelier and allows them to avoid a certain monotony, the main enemy of a couple's life.

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