Whether it is a question of gentle family shampoo, detangling balm, rose oil, organic shampoo, shampoo for oily hair with clay and nettle... organic cosmetic products are natural hair care products that guarantee professional treatments. Thanks to a wide choice of organic cosmetic products, consumers can select organic hair care products that guarantee treatments adapted to different types of hair to ensure shiny and vibrant hair. USE ORGANIC COSMETICS TO TREAT HAIR Hair sometimes needs maintenance because of certain treatments that can damage and dry out the hair fibre and scalp. It is about colouring, brushing, permanent, sun... It is recommended to treat yourself to a beauty treatment based on high quality organic hair care. These treatments regenerate, nourish and rebuild the hair fibre. After pampering her hair, it regains its volume, shine and vigour. Organic hair care can be divided into different ranges: natural hair colouring, styling gel or cream, 2-in-1 touch shampoo, shampoo that is available for each hair type, treatment/volume and shine/solid, family size shampoo or hair food supplement. The choice of hair products also includes ecological brushes and combs, there is a huge choice on the market at the best price. WHY USE ORGANIC HAIR CARE? It is essential to maintain the sensitive scalp with organic cosmetics. As with the skin, the scalp absorbs a large part of the products applied. The disadvantage is that the skin layer on this area is quite thin. The use of aggressive detergents, synthetic perfumes cause itching of the scalp. Some analyses have shown that the application of synthetic hair care products can cause several conditions such as scalp psoriasis. To avoid these diseases, use organic hair care products such as sulphate-free and silicone-free shampoos. SPECIFICITIES OF ORGANIC COSMETIC PRODUCTS Plant extracts are products that act in synergy with precision to meet the multiple needs of hair. These products without artifice and respectful of nature can be organic hair care products based on butter balm. These organic cosmetics are rich in essential fatty acids. The intense and generous masks help to restore plumbing to brittle and dry hair. To repair hair damaged by the sun, apply revitalizing shea butter, shea butter, repairing butter...

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