Emma Stone is not only a beautiful actress, but also a fashion icon. With each appearance, she continues to fascinate her fans. Glamorous, chic and classy, her look has everything to please. So how do you adopt the Emma Stone style? THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESSES BY EMMA STONE At just 30 years old, Emma Stone has already registered her identity in the American film industry. But in addition, it has also established itself through its very chic style. This is particularly justified at each of his appearances at the Cane festivals and Oscar ceremonies. In 2010, for example, at the MTV Music Award, she wore a short straight leather dress, simple but very chic. She accompanied it with a casual hairstyle, which made the look totally attractive. Then in 2015, at the Cannes Film Festival, she opted for a long dress from Dior, in a broken white colour. By wearing this dress, she showed the audience that you can be sexy without being naked. Emma Stone fashion has never stopped evolving from year to year. This year, at the Golden Globes, Emma Stone simply dazzled the audience with a long camel-coloured dress, curved at the waist and featuring several flake patterns. To see Emma Stone's clothing style in detail, click on this link DRESS LIKE EMMA STONE Do you want to adopt Emma Stone's look? Do you want to wear Emma Stone dresses at a party or simply daily? Here are some tips that can help you. First, keep it simple with a touch of originality. If you have noticed, Emma Stone rarely wears daring clothes in public, unlike other celebrities. Although she is a famous and recognized actress, she keeps her feet on the ground. That's what makes it so charming. Emma Stone's clothes are rather classic and without much artifice. Then, wear clothes that are at your size and age. Many stars like Madonna or Nicki Minaj wear outfits that are not appropriate for their morphology and age. However, Emma Stone is often involved in the theme. She respects her style well and although she is not in the best physical condition, she always manages to enhance her body. Finally, always be at the forefront of the clothing trend. Emma Stone has a well-defined style and she does not forget to affirm it thanks to her look. Nevertheless, she is not indifferent to the evolutions of women's fashion. EMMA STONE, IN A FEW WORDS! Emma Stone is an American actress. Emily Jean Stone, she was born on November 6, 1988 in the United States. She began her career in 2004, performing the role of Laurie Partridge in a reality show. Then, she made her first series and film in 2007. Emma Stone has received many awards, including the award for best actress in 2017, with "La la la land" and for best performance in 2011 with "Easy Girl". In fact, she is one of the highest paid actresses in the world. As for clothing, she has nothing to envy to the other actresses and can very well sit next to Amal Clooney or Gigi Hadid.
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