You are planning to buy a steam plant, but you don't know how to choose the right models. Don't panic, the comparative study of steam power plants can help you find the best one. But first, what is a steam plant? How to choose the right steam plant? What are the advantages of opting for a steam plant? How to choose a model for your steam plant? WHAT IS A STEAM PLANT? When we hear about steam power plants, many people immediately think of a more modern iron with all kinds of gadgets. That is not entirely false. The steam plant is a device equipped with a transformer and a power plant and of course an iron. Like the ordinary iron, it is used to iron linens, but it is much more effective. More efficient and more powerful, it performs an ironing at high pressure thanks to its steam jet and defridges all kinds of fabrics. Its high-pressure tank produces steam that penetrates the fabric, the steam system allows you to relax the fibres of your clothes in no time. It stands out for its efficiency and speed, especially with the best models. But how to use your steam plant efficiently? Sort your laundry by material and pour water into the tank and connect the steam plant. You must wait a few minutes before starting the ironing, the time to preheat the device. First set the appropriate temperature for the material of your laundry to avoid burning. Often, a light will come on when the steam plant is ready for use. By visiting www.centralevapeur.pro you can enjoy the best choice of steam power plant. HOW TO CHOOSE A STEAM PLANT? Faced with the multitude of models and brands now on the market, choosing a steam plant is never easy. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing a steam plant. The efficiency of a steam plant is characterized by the combination of steam flow, heat and pressure. The higher the steam flow rate, the more heat a steam plant diffuses. The steam flow rate of a steam plant is between 90g/min and 140g/min. For the boost function, its steam flow can increase to 450g/min, very effective in removing a stubborn crease. The pressure of a good power plant is 3.5 bar, some models can reach up to 6.5 bar. Its power and the capacity of its tank are also criteria not to be neglected. The higher its power, the more quickly it will be ready for use. If you choose a steam plant with unlimited autonomy, it is no longer necessary to check the size of the tank capacity, in case you choose this type of steam plant, it is better to choose a large capacity tank. This means you can undo a whole pile of laundry without interruption. It is also better to choose the self-cleaning system, the anti-limestone cartridge or the anti-limestone rod in order to prolong the life of the device if possible. If you do not want to group your linens according to their materials in order to adjust the ironing temperature and steam level, prefer a self-adjusting model. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF OPTING FOR A STEAM PLANT? The steam plant has many advantages. One of its advantages is that it has models with unlimited autonomy. Ironing is more efficient. It is easier to use to iron as much laundry as you can. There are also models with unlimited autonomy and two tanks. You are assured of an intense and long ironing process. You will no longer have to go back to the same place several times. The steam plant is both a guarantee in terms of quantity of work and quality. With it, there is no more rustling of linens. The results obtained are better in terms of quality compared to ordinary electric iron. Ironing no longer takes much time as with a traditional iron. This technology allows you to save time, especially for active people. The water tank is also larger, which allows for greater autonomy during ironing. No need to stop all the time to recharge the tank of the classic small iron! Thanks to it, ironing piles of laundry becomes a real pleasure. WHY CHOOSE A STEAM PLANT FROM A FAMOUS BRAND? A steam power plant of a famous brand has been recognized for years for its qualities. Its technology is constantly evolving, which is why the brand is so successful. The proposed model is always top of the range. With the Optimate system, no more tedious adjustments and no more burning for your laundry. The pressing function allows the iron pressure to be increased to 330 g/minute for supreme ironing. The locking of the iron at its base allows you to operate your machine comfortably. In the blink of an eye, a steam plant dispels the most stubborn creases and guarantees effortless ironing. Moreover, it makes vertical straightening very easy and efficient. As for its pressure, some models can reach up to 7.7 bar. Most of the models of the famous brand release plenty of steam and allow for quick ironing using the innovative assimilated steam chamber. This produces a very powerful steam that penetrates the heart of the fibres, for faster and more effective ironing. Similarly, the tank of some models is removable. Since it is equipped with a limescale filter, it is possible to use tap water and you do not necessarily have to wait for the device to cool down before you can fill it. In addition, several steam power plants are equipped with an anti-limestone system that ensures that the appliance is descaled. This extends the life of the device.
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