The steam plant is more efficient than the iron, especially for households with a high number of employees. It is faster and more effective in smoothing your clothes, removing wrinkles and creases. Follow this guide for a better use of your steam plant. HOW TO USE A STEAM PLANT? If this is your first time using your steam plant, you must first clean it, especially at the iron level. To do this, let the steam out several times, for a few seconds to release the smell of smoke. Then you can fill your tank with the same amount of tap water and demineralized water. Indeed, tap water itself is too hard. However, it is better to use only tap water than demineralized water. The water drops that escape from your caloric steam plant can stain and damage your clothes. To avoid this inconvenience, simply adjust the thermostat on your unit. Water drops fall from the iron when the thermostat is too low, and the water has not turned into steam. In addition, it is best to buy a steam plant with a drip-free system. Consult a steam plant comparison to find the model that suits you best. Be careful, however, because if the thermostat is too hot, the iron can stick to the garment. In this case, you must lower the temperature and spray the other side of the garment before ironing again. Note that the temperature takes time to adjust. So, wait a few seconds before ironing the laundry after setting the thermostat. HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR STEAM PLANT? Like any household appliance, the steam plant requires regular maintenance. Remember to descale your machine an average of 3 times a year. Scale formation can damage it quickly. Always clean the sole of your central steam calorimeter. After each use, always empty the tank. This prevents scale build-up due to hard water. In addition, it prevents the device from becoming clogged. Indeed, when the iron soleplate gets dirty, it can leave traces on clothes. In addition, never use descaling agents, perfume or additives, as these products can also leave traces on clothing. When ironing and after each use, be sure to place the iron horizontally. At the same time, it is a safety measure to avoid accidents. Note that there are cloths that do not tolerate steam. In this case, you can use your steam plant dry. STEAM PLANT: ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES Many household appliances exist for ironing, including the steam plant. This machine is much more efficient than the classic iron. Steam is more efficient than heat alone to remove wrinkles on clothing. Choosing a steam plant then saves time and ensures perfect clothing. The steam plant generates more steam than iron, and this in very large quantities to make ironing easier. A single pass is enough to smooth the laundry thanks to this high steam flow. This applies even to thicker fabrics. Not only that, the steam plant has a larger water tank for greater autonomy. In addition, you can fill the tank during use even if the iron is hot. In addition, this device includes additional functions. For example, you have a vertical creasing option to iron your linens on a hanger. Finally, contrary to popular belief, the steam plant is light and easy to handle. On the other hand, it has some limitations. The steam plant is much more expensive than the iron. Although it is quite light, it is more cumbersome because the tank is separate. You need more space to iron and more storage to store the device. Then, you must buy a specific ironing board that resists moisture well by allowing steam to infiltrate. In short, the steam plant is a good investment for families with a large quantity of laundry to iron. ON WHICH CRITERIA TO CHOOSE YOUR STEAM PLANT? The steam plant is an essential piece of equipment for ironing any kind of clothing and household linen. However, you must choose your steam plant carefully to take advantage of its many advantages. There are many models on the market, and they do not all work in the same way. First, choose a device that starts quickly. The heating time is very important, especially when you are often in a hurry. It is generally 3 minutes for a 2200 W equipment and 2 minutes for another 2400 W equipment. Then consider the amount of steam produced by the steam plant. At the same time, the steam flow and pressure are considered. They determine the number of passes of the iron required to smooth the laundry. As an indication, choose a power plant with a pressure above 5 bar and a flow rate of 120 g/min on average. In any case, prefer a device with a removable tank so that it can be filled during use. If this happens, you must wait until the iron cools before adding water to the tank. Then, the material of the footing is very important. Ceramic is a good option, as it easily distributes heat and steam over the entire surface of the laundry. In any case, you can consult a steam plant comparison to find the model that suits you. Afterwards, consider all the programs integrated in the machine. You will find a steam plant that provides you with different programs: cotton, wool and silk to adapt the quantity of steam and the heat of the iron to each fabric. You also have the turbo function for thick and stiff collars and linens such as jeans. The anti-limestone function is very practical to avoid limescale build-up in your tank. Finally, do not forget the security system that allows the plant to shut down automatically when it is inactive for a certain period.
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